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We Solve Problems

Through forensic analysis and using over 20 years industry experience, we have saved companies over £4,000,000 in penalty charges.

We Have the Know-How

Our services derive from a vastly detailed knowledge of the pallet pooling industry; gained whilst working for the poolers. All services are designed with the customer of the pooler in mind.

We Reduce Costs

Realistically, most companies do not have the knowledge in house to effectively manage every single aspect of their pallet network. Therefore, contracting EMS Ltd brings a level of expertise that is unparalleled and most importantly, results in cost savings.

Brands that trust EMS
with their pallet management

I call EMS the Ronseal company as they do exactly what it says on the tin, they manage the pallet account to its optimum…

Bryan Jackson, Accolade Wines

EMS has managed the TGL pallet pool for many years now. They have the knowledge, focus & control required to optimise our pool. Their knowledge of this complex area is vast & we can be sure that our assets are under control.

Graeme Earl, Tayto

When I first took over this role, I was quite skeptical of what EMS offered us – how wrong I was! Invaluable pretty much sums them up. From day to day pallet management at which they excel all the way though to negotiations during tenders, I sleep easy knowing that our equipment management is in the safest of hands.

Pete Austin, Nivea

Contact us on  +44 289 0022 342

Contact us on
+44 289 0022 342

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