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Frequently asked questions

EMS provides fully outsourced equipment management services to manufacturers and distributors across a broad range of industries. Our expertise guarantee cost savings through the improved control of pallets, totes and crates.

The EMS product portfolio is specifically designed to achieve savings by managing all aspects of a company’s pallet account and or their other service providers.

Does the Turnkey Pallet Management Product Mean that you Manage Every Aspect of our Pallet Needs?2020-12-04T13:37:32+00:00

Yes, EMS will manage every aspect of our customers’ pallet requirements under the fully outsourced pallet management model we operate.

Can the EMS System Cope with the Changes to my Business?2020-11-25T10:01:59+00:00

EMS reviews its own systems to ensure that any chances to its customers business or any changes to the equipment providers systems are managed effectively.

Will You Analyse my Pallet Usage and Construct Detailed, User Friendly Control Procedures?2020-11-25T10:04:24+00:00

Yes, EMS believes that this is a vital part of the successful and cost effective management of a pallet network.

Will I Need to Conduct Audits with CHEP/ LPR/ IPP?2020-12-04T13:38:51+00:00

No, EMS will manage all this for you.

Will I need to Provide Balances, Reconciliations to my Haulier/ 3PL?2020-11-25T10:05:25+00:00

No, EMS will manage all this for you.

Will I Need to Deal with Queries Regarding my Pooler Account?2020-11-29T14:05:20+00:00

No, EMS will manage all this for you.

Will I Need to Reconcile the CHEP/ LPR/ IPP Invoices?2020-12-04T13:39:13+00:00

No, EMS will manage all this for you.

Will I continue to input our data into myCHEP/ myLPR/ myIPP?2020-12-04T13:42:35+00:00

No, EMS will manage all this for you.

Will you meet with the poolers on our behalf?2020-11-25T10:07:30+00:00

EMS will be present at all meetings with your equipment providers. We would strongly suggest that our customers do not hold any meetings without EMS being present.

Do you work for the poolers?2020-11-25T09:59:45+00:00

No, we are ex-employees of the poolers who are completely committed to ensuring that our customers improve their controls so they do not overspend on equipment rental.

Can improved pallet management pay for itself?2020-12-04T13:43:12+00:00

Yes, EMS provides an immediate commercial benefit and delivers year on year savings.

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Contact us on
0800 233 5750

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