About us


Company founded

Ex-CHEP employees with FMCG experience


Wider coverage

Grew to operate with European customer base


Dedicated management

2 x offices; Increased team to 15 pooling specialists – continued focused on service levels


EMARS launched

Industry leading pallet management technology


Managing 25m+ flows

Across CHEP, LPR & IPP for 80+ customers

Started in 2003, EMS began as a concept to support users of returnable equipment that didn’t understand the complexities that the industry brought. Over 17 years later, EMS has over 85 customers in 10 countries and three offices across the UK and Ireland.

EMS provides fully outsourced equipment management services to manufacturers and distributors across a broad range of industries. Our expertise guarantee cost savings through the improved control of pallets, totes and crates. The EMS product portfolio is specifically designed to achieve savings by managing all aspects of a company’s pallet account and or their other service providers.

We manage CHEP, IPP Logipal & LPR accounts for a large number of blue-chip organisations across Europe.

EMS products ensure cost effective and accurate account management, control procedures, audits, invoice reconciliation and problem analysis for its customers. We manage the complexity, so you can focus on your core business.

Vision & values

By collaborating and integrating with our customers we will provide the highest quality of service, delivering cost savings and free up time spent managing pallets.

We will do this by using innovative technology, proactive account management and remaining close to our customers. Delivering what we promise is our priority.

Customer first
Forward thinking


Maximising resources

Our customers gain back the management and administration time previously taken up by pallets. This allows them to concentrate on their core business and roles.

End to end solution

We take care of every element of the process from ordering to movement declarations, from query management to contract negotiations.

Invoice reconciliation

EMS thoroughly reconcile, on a line by line basis, each invoice from the equipment supplier. Our customers receive bespoke monthly reports to explain usage, spend and to provide insights into their pallet account.

Flow analysis

Granular level analysis is performed on a daily basis to ensure each element of your pallet account maintains its health. We advise of areas for cost saving potential as part of this process.

Raise your profile

Thanks to our high level of knowledge, focus & attention given to equipment management, suppliers of equipment, other users of equipment & receiving locations tend to pay more attention to queries raised & solutions proposed by us.

Eliminate exposure

We provide comprehensive control procedures for all our customers. When these are followed, we guarantee no equipment losses.

Accurate budgeting

We regularly find that equipment budgets are inaccurate. They are often based on prior year spend and not on forecasted activity. If last year’s budget was incorrect, this year’s budget will be incorrect also. We maintain your budgeted spend.

Reduction in spend

We will reduce your current pallet costs by micromanaging your account to ensure no penalty charges are received. We are a cost neutral solution and take pride in what we do.

I call EMS the Ronseal company as they do exactly what it says on the tin, they manage the pallet account to its optimum…

Bryan Jackson, Accolade Wines

EMS has managed the TGL pallet pool for many years now. They have the knowledge, focus & control required to optimise our pool. Their knowledge of this complex area is vast & we can be sure that our assets are under control.

Graeme Earl, Tayto

When I first took over this role, I was quite skeptical of what EMS offered us – how wrong I was! Invaluable pretty much sums them up. From day to day pallet management at which they excel all the way though to negotiations during tenders, I sleep easy knowing that our equipment management is in the safest of hands.

Pete Austin, Nivea

Contact us on  +44 289 0022 342

Contact us on
+44 289 0022 342

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